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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Putting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to work in your business would be highly valuable and improve workflows. But what exactly are the benefits? Where do you start? What does it cost?

mPowered IT offers Robotic Process Automation as a service (RPAaaS) so you don't have to research and purchase the software or figure out how to implement it. We consult with you on how to best use RPA and then we put it to work for you for an affordable monthly fee. Yes, it really is that easy.

Customer Satisfaction

Free your customer service team from forms and tabulations so they can focus on customer service. The result is an improved customer experience and a much greater ability to meet the requirements of service-level agreements.


Software robots can complete specific tasks up to ten times faster than human. They also work 24/7. Work is completed more quickly, increasing work capacity. Higher productivity can reduce expenses as well as create room for more rapid growth.


Robots are 100% accurate, consistent, and compliant with policies. The more work performed by robots means fewer clerical errors, and less time correcting those errors. Eliminating the little mistakes humans make can have an enormous impact on your cost base and customer satisfaction levels.

Resource Utilization

Letting robots do the mundane tasks frees up your team to handle work that's more valuable to your business. A robotic workforce is fully scalable, enabling you to respond to spikes in demand. That’s good for customer service and better for the everyone.

Return on Investment (ROI)

You'll see an immediate drop in operating costs and a quick ROI when you switch on your robotic workforce. While some IT expenditures take years to pay off, with RPA, you’ll begin seeing ROI in weeks.

Fewer Staffing Hassles

Staffing is a bigger challenge than ever and turnover is high. Robots can be scaled up and down much easier than human staff. They can be deployed quickly and much more cost-effectively.

Understanding RPA



Computer Coded


Programs that replace humans performing repetitive rules-based tasks


Cross-functional and cross-application macros

RPA is not:


Walking talking auto bots


Physical machines processing paper


AI or voice recognition and reply software

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