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Offsite Backup for All Servers, Computers & Mobile Devices

Secure Backup for Your Atlanta Business Data Starting at $9.99 per month!

Your business data is too important to trust to a daily backup on a hard drive. To ensure your data is really safe – no matter what – you need offsite backup. Taking your backup drive home after work doesn’t count! It’s too easy to forget, and it could get lost or damaged in transit or at home.
Automatic offsite backup, in a secure location, protects your data against anything that could happen to your physical office, including theft, flood, fire or any other disaster.


To keep your data safe, mPowered IT backups are:

  • Kept both onsite and offsite
  • Automatically transmitted (so no one has to remember to do a backup)
  • Stored in a secure location a significant distance from your business
  • Monitored and managed
  • Encrypted in transit
  • Encrypted where it’s stored
  • Able to backup all data points (not just the server)


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