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Simplify Your IT Services – Office 365, Email, Cloud File Sharing & More

Work less, Worry less, Pay less
Small business are vulnerable to hackers and cyber threats

Atlanta, your IT Doesn’t Need to Be So Complicated – or Expensive!

Is your current provider communicating ways to simplify your IT? Have you ever thought to yourself “there must be an easier way?”

Well there is. Check out these four simple steps below and complete the contact form to learn how we can help you!

Below are 4 Simple Steps to Simplify Your IT and Pay Less  

Simple Step 1  

Move to Office 365.

Struggling to keep everyone on the same Office version? Tired of paying to upgrade and install it? And I bet you just love doing all those Microsoft Office updates.

With Office 365, you will enjoy unlimited free upgrades and and we’ll deal with updates. Your co-workers can always open your files because everyone is using the same version. Oh, and you’ll love accessing your Office files from anywhere, from any device.

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Simple Step 2 

Lose the local email server.

It’s expensive to maintain. You have to back it up and pay someone to support it. It’s vulnerable to security breaches, and oh what pain you feel when it goes down. There’s really no reason to keep your email server in your office any longer. Move your email to the cloud. You will have the same functionality without all the expense, risk, management, and worry. BONUS – Do this with Simple step with #1 for more SAVINGS! 

Call 678-389-6200 or complete the form below to learn more or get started!

Simple Step 3  

Lose the local file server.

If you’re just using it to share files, it’s time to jettison that box. You can get better, more secure storage in the cloud for a fraction of your support expenses. Like your email server, this hardware needs to be periodically upgraded, backed up, supported, and it requires constant security patching. And it may be so old Microsoft isn’t supporting it anymore.

With cloud services, you don’t even have to think about updates or security.

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Simple Step 4  

Rethink your current IT support.

Has your current IT provider told you about these cost-savings steps? Or have you been plodding along, paying for outdated services every month while your competition streamlines their services?

mPowered IT will always talk with you about your opportunities to improve services and lower your expenses whenever we can. Give us a call or complete the contact form to see what we can do for you!

Call 678-389-6200 or complete the form below to learn more or get started!

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