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Sometimes IT is treated like a secondary concern by small business owners, until there’s a meltdown, like a server crashing or email going offline. That’s when business owners suddenly see the value in IT support. Getting reliable IT support for your company BEFORE a meltdown will keep your business running smoothly, securely and in the long term, grow your business.

5 Ways mPowered IT Improves SMB Profits & Productivity

  1. Maximize Security and Safety

If you don’t have proactive security measures in place to protect your IT network, it’s only a matter of time before it will be attacked. mPowered IT can monitor and manage your business systems to ensure your data is safe.

  1. Higher Client Satisfaction

When your network and systems are proactively maintained (and not interrupted by glitches and outages) you and your employees are better equipped to meet the needs of your customers. Better customer service and support will improve client satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to higher levels of customer retention.

  1. Stay Productive and Decrease Downtime

We provide true proactive monitoring, constantly checking over 2,000 service points in your company’s network. When we see an alert, even if it’s in the middle of the night, we address it right away. So when the business day starts, everything is functioning. You and your employees can get right to work without even knowing there was an issue.

  1. Cost Savings

We provide our services for a fixed monthly fee, which means you can set your annual budget with confidence. Because we work to proactively keep your systems operational, the fewer problems you have the more profitable we are. And that’s a win-win. What business wouldn’t want to have a trouble-free computer network?

  1. Unlimited Consulting

We work as a key member of your management team, guiding you on technology decisions that are in the best interest of your unique business. We don’t have an incentive to sell you on any system or technology – we are not in the business to sell technology. We’re free to advise on the technologies that will keep your costs aligned with your business needs and budget. Providing good consultation is what keeps us happy and ultimately help your business grow.

Unfortunately, not all startups or small businesses can afford a whole IT department, so if you’re looking to save your small business BIG money, click HERE!

Next stepsschedule a 30 minute call with mPowered IT CEO, John Mamon, with any and all questions. Click HERE to start maximizing your profits and productivity.

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