The Important Role Tech will Play for your Efficiency in 2022

Efficiency in 2022

We live in an age of constantly evolving technology! These constant changes can bring apprehension about the future. In the following article, we will outline just how important the right tech – and professionals supporting it – are in your quest for efficiency in 2022.   So, what will 2022 bring?   Your business may still be feeling the effects of the…

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Outdated Technology in Small Businesses

Outdated computers in cluttered office

Most small businesses don’t invest enough in technology, or at the very least they don’t do it often enough. For some this is due to apprehension about spending money on tools they know very little about, and some have the approach of ‘so what, it still works so I don’t care’. Both are fair points…

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How to Protect against Phishing email scams

credit card held up to computer monitor for phishing scam

Phishing scams are one of the most popular tools in a cyber criminal’s arsenal today, given the ease with which they can deliver their attack through the relatively undefended route of email. Email breaches come in a variety of forms, but predominantly involve the use of a false identity – creating trust between the recipient…

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6 Things You Should Have In Place to Protect your Systems

tools to protect IT network

In the modern digital age, our businesses need the security and reliability of our IT systems and infrastructure. Any outage or loss can seriously disrupt the efficiency and security of business operations, potentially creating financial loss, and breaching industry compliance obligations. Where to begin The security of your IT should be a priority but how…

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Is Your Data Backup Appropriate for the Way You Work?

appropriate data backup

As you know, running a business is full of uncertainty – anything could happen at a moment’s notice to change the way your team works. Covid-19 forced previously thriving businesses to replace some of their most reliable and long-standing work processes with solutions that were implemented overnight. As your workforce may have gone partially remote,…

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Why Back Up Office 365? Doesn’t Microsoft do that?

  Every business grapples with the challenges of moving to the cloud. It isn’t a matter of IF, but  WHEN and HOW. For tens of thousands of organizations, the WHEN is Today and the HOW is with Ensure VC2. We partnered with Veeam to provide our customers a solid way to back up files, including…

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Why Bear the Outrageous Cost of Downtime?

    Most SMBs don’t have a realistic idea of what it would cost if their computer network were to go down or be inaccessible for any reason. Businesses that do estimate the cost figure around $5000 per hour – but that’s actually low. The cost is actually around $18,000 per hour. Considering how much…

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