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Penetration Testing Methodology

Our industry leading penetration tests (sometimes called “ethical hacking”) are standards-based. They are closely tied to the fundamentals found in the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Penetration Testing Guide.

The open method associated with OSSTMM builds on a foundation of truth, diminishing commercial gain and political agendas. PTES is an endeavor by a group of information security practitioners to develop a common language and scope for performing penetration testing. The core purpose of OWASP is to “be the thriving global community that drives visibility and evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software”. By combining the spirit of  these three methodologies, we create a formidable program of work to serve you. You can rely on our penetration testing services to be thorough and comprehensive. Real people, real skill, real experience. Not simply a scan and generic report.

Our goal is to identify areas of risk that impact the security of your information. We provide a remediation plan tailored specifically to your organization’s needs for security and compliance. We often learn from new clients’ past experiences that plans were recommended, but execution was never a part of the plan. Why plan if you’re not going to execute?

Components of Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests are specifically tailored to your organizations needs and requirements. Our penetration tests can be comprehensive and include social engineering exercises, web applications assessments, and a review of your key firewall rules base and configuration. our team of experienced enterprise consultants and cyber security analysts can quickly help you identify a penetration test plan that is right for your organization based on any compliance requirements you must adhere to as well as the sensitivity of the data your process, store and transmit.

  • Passive reconnaissance (Domain Squatting, Email and File Enumeration, etc.)
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Applications Assessment
  • Mobile Application Assessment
  • Social Engineering (Phishing, Baiting, Pretexting)
  • Physical Security Review
  • Firewall and Router Configuration Review
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Incident Response Threat Identification Training

Detailed & Actionable Penetration Test Reports 

Every penetration tests is accompanied by a formal report, which was designed to not only provide a high level overview of the engagement for upper management and C-Level staff, but also includes the detailed findings, along with key recommendations, that can assist those with remediation responsibilities. Our world-class penetration testing security engineers are battle-tested on the front lines every day. We deliver comprehensive security intelligence that lowers risk, prioritizes solutions, and minimized business disruptions. Whether testing for security vulnerabilities or exploiting them, our teams have the expertise, ingenuity, and integrity to uphold your trust and put your mind at ease.


  • Formal Report (Our Flagship Report)
  • Snapshot Report (Report Supplement)
  • Vulnerabilities by Severity Report (Report Supplement)
  • Vulnerabilities by Host Report (Report Supplement)
  • Ports and Protocols Report (Report Supplement)
  • Custom reports available on a case by case need and special request

We will discuss your report to make sure you understand the findings and recommended actions.

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Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking)

We understand compliance – In many cases the penetration test (“ethical hacking”) is part of compliance with PCI, HIPAA, among other various compliance regulatory frameworks. In addition to probing general network and server vulnerabilities, we can assess specific IT targets, flags, such as firewalls, wireless networks, and web applications, or areas and assets containing sensitive data.

Employee Security Assessments

A major contributor to a security breach is human error. We will help you identify and validate your employees’ ability to follow documented policies, procedures and security best practices to reduce or eliminate inadvertent errors that could expose your data.

Compliance Expertise

If you are in an industry that requires compliance to exacting standards, such as healthcare, retail, finance, or government, you need the expertise to ensure your IT systems do not create a compliance issue with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, etc. Penalties for non-compliance can be extremely costly. We understand compliance and will ensure your organization’s IT system follows all necessary protocols.

Configuration Reviews

We will review your perimeter and internal firewalls & router configuration to identify any areas of risk, and will make recommendations if we find vulnerabilities.

Are you interested in learning more on how an MSP could help your organization stay safe? Give us a call at 678-389-6200, schedule a 30 minute call or visit

Hack Your Own Network To Stay Ahead Of The Hackers

We despise cybercriminals. They’re a menace to business. We’re very protective of small business in Atlanta and continuously up our game to stay ahead of them. We can do thorough penetration tests (ethical hacking) on your network to fix any vulnerabilities before you’re breached.

Our Penetration Testing Methodology

We use a penetration testing methodology (“ethical hacking”) that combines both traditional and new attack techniques to stay ahead of hackers.


  • Information about your organization is gathered to map out the environment. In the case of an external penetration test, information such as domains, IP addresses and ranges, compromised email addresses, and employee information is discovered.


  • Once the targets have been identified, our certified consultant uses both automated and manual vulnerability analysis tools to identify security flaws.


  • Demonstration of impact is performed by attempting to escalate access into systems and/or sensitive data within the environment


  • An assessment of the organization’s business is performed, which includes identifying the most critical business resources. From this analysis, the consultant identifies the best approach to formulation an attach against the exposed security flaws.


  • Depending on the security flaws exposed, exploitation is performed to attempt gaining unauthorized access to systems and/or sensitive data.


  • Documentation is collected, reviewed, and presented to your organization in a clear, concise, and effective manner. In addition to supporting data, strategic and technical recommendations are provided to help your organization with successful remediation.

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The 5 key features of keeping your business safe

Penetration Testing (ethical hacking) will tell you how easy it may be to break through your firewall and access your data.

Our penetration testing service allows your business to stay ahead of hackers with ongoing “hacking attempts” on your network. It’s much easier, more thorough, and less expensive than traditional security assessments.

Why use mPowered IT Penetration Testing services:

  1. You can perform penetration tests at any time you want, however often you want.
  2. Track penetration testing activities in real-time and use them for improvement of detection and monitoring controls.
  3. We send email and SMS notifications to establish up-to-date progress and activities.
  4. Turnaround time from start to finish is significantly faster while providing the same or more results than traditional penetration tests.
  5. Deliverable packages contain more comprehensive details to help you understand, mitigate, and attempt to reproduce threats identified found in your network.

mPowered IT provides your team with a dashboard to track the penetration test and its activities in real-time. As we identify more issues and learn more information about the network, our cybersecurity team updates the portal to reflect the latest information, activities, and security threats.

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What is a Network Security Assessment/Penetration Test?

penetration test, often referred to as pen testing, is an evaluation of your organization’s network security. It identifies security weaknesses that expose your business to malicious attacks.

Unlike a traditional vulnerability assessment that only identifies security vulnerabilities within the tested environment, a penetration test usually takes it a step further by demonstrating potential impact. This gives you a better idea of the severity of the any vulnerabilities we find.

With a penetration test, you’ll know:

  • Security vulnerabilities present within the environment
  • Incident response procedures, including monitoring and alerting Potential impact of a security breach 
  • Effectiveness of implemented technical and compensating controls

We are passionate about keeping SMBs safe from cybercriminals. It’s our job to stay ahead of them and anticipate their next move. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who cares about your business test it’s “hackability” rather than find out from a real hacker?

Are you interested in learning more on how an MSP could help your organization stay safe? Give us a call at 678-389-6200, schedule a 30 minute call or visit

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