Where to Start as a Technology Beginner

Where to start as a tech beginner

The world is changing at a truly alarming rate and some of us feel left behind, scrambling to keep up with whatever technology businesses are using now. While you’re focusing on the business of your business, it’s easy to forget to stay current with the technology that would improve your processes. 

It’s not too late to adopt a technologically focused mindset to help your business grow and thrive. What won’t work is to stay put as technology keeps evolving. Of course, technology can feel overwhelming – almost like learning a foreign language at times. 

In the following article, we provide some tips and suggestions for those that consider themselves as a beginner with technology. Perhaps you had a good system in place a decade ago, worked hard, and came up for air only to find out that times have moved on without you. Or maybe you simply need some guidance on how to start off your journey with tech. With a little help and an open mind, anyone can learn to use technology effectively and efficiently.

Step 1: Start with what you have

You already have some technologies in place to run your business, but you may not have updated or re-evaluated them in years. If you use Microsoft, for example, there is a whole world of productivity you could have with a system you’re already familiar with.

If you work with a technology business consultant, like mPowered IT, you can get straightforward technology advice from a business perspective. It’s not just about the latest and greatest technology, but which technologies are actually appropriate for your business and goals. mPowered IT will work with you, with your existing technology, and help you plan what should be updated and when.

Step 2: Evaluate your needs

Where do you think you’re falling behind? What systems are clunky and creating more issues than they resolve? Pick a goal that tech can help you achieve. Maybe you want a better way to communicate with your customers, which means exploring email, text messaging, VoIP, or Microsoft Teams. There are many different ways tech can help you, so let’s take a look at some of the business challenges that tech can help with:

  • Connecting you and your team to your client base.
  • Ensuring you remain compliant to your various regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlining traditionally laborious work processes.
  • Automating the mundane, allowing your team to be more productive.

Having a specific goal will help you remain motivated and ensure that you search for the right tools.

Step 3: Develop a growth mindset

You hear terms like ‘Growth mindset’ all the time these days; it means to be flexible – seek opportunities for growth and education wherever possible. It’s being willing to adapt and change with the times. You cannot, for example, continue using an old version of software like Microsoft Windows 7 if you know that it is no longer supported by them, because this is not only dangerous from a security sense but also from a productivity standpoint. You need to get the newer version (Windows 11) and learn to use it as you did the old one. Expect change – don’t worry or be anxious about it as in the world of tech, change is constant.

Once having developed the right mindset, without even knowing it you will also start asking more questions, identifying more goals you want to achieve, and ultimately find yourself seeking out more learning opportunities to overcome challenges and reach those goals. This may be a good time to get in contact with an IT professional. Our expert team can help you to be certain that you are making the right moves when it comes to the technological future of your organization.

There are no bad questions

It can feel like you are the only one left behind when it comes to tech, and that everyone seems to know the vocabulary – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most actually have very little knowledge of it. If you are confused by a concept or know what you want to achieve but don’t know how, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We will do our best to guide you and educate you on the best tech for your business.