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Accessibility, Productivity, and Lower Costs Lead the List of the Top Benefits of DaaS

DaaS has significant benefits to businesses who transition to this type of desktop management, mainly for its ability to improve customer experience. What is it about Desktop-as-a-Service that leads to such significant growth?

1. Improved Accessibility – When Desktop-as-a-Service is utilized as the desktop management strategy for a business, employees realize much better accessibility. The reason is DaaS can be accessed from any device that can connect to an internet connection. Meaning regardless of the device or operating system (Android, iOS, phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer) the employee can access their desktop.

2. Increased Productivity – Building on the benefit of the improvement in the employee’s ability to access their work product, businesses who utilize DaaS realize increased productivity and the ability to meet operational goals ahead of time. The reason this is possible is that employees can access their work product regardless of their location. All they need is an internet connection and a device capable of using that connection.

3. Lower Operating Costs – Lower costs drive many marketing campaigns for a wide range of new technologies fighting for limited budgets, but when it comes to DaaS, cost savings are not just a buzzword. The reality is Desktop-as-a-Service does save businesses money.

4. Greater Agility & Responsiveness – When employees are not tied to a physical laptop or desktop, they are much better equipped to respond quickly to customer requests and industry demands, enhancing the overall corporate agility and responsiveness to the fast-changing business environment.

5. Enhanced Security – Keeping up with cyber hackers and other malicious sources is a full-time job, and it’s no wonder why businesses choose to employ strict desktop management strategies that maintain full control over an employees desktop and access to their data.

6. Higher Workstation Lifetime Value – With DaaS, the wear and tear on the physical devices is reduced and the processing requirements are now on the DaaS providers server. Because of this, the hardware of the physical laptop or desktop will last longer, giving you more years of service before the unit would need to be replaced.

7. Reduced Maintenance – By moving the VDI installation to a cloud solution like Desktop-as-a-Service, you remove the majority of that maintenance from your IT Staff to the DaaS provider.

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