ENSURE VC2 Powered by Veeam for Insurance Agencies

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Simplify and Secure Cloud Backups with a Single, Advanced Solution

With industry-leading technology, your insurance agency can seamlessly backup and access all your data on your network on-demand. mPowered IT Ensure VC2 offers you the most secure, reliable and hassle-free backup experience possible with Backup as a Service (BaaS) powered by Veeam Cloud Connect.

You’ll reap the benefits of increased security and reliability with an automated offsite backup while eliminating upfront capital equipment expenditures. In just a few minutes, you can start backing up to the Cloud without a VPN or separate console. The cloud repository works just like a local resource, but cloud data is available even if the primary backup or data center is lost.


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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Ensure VC2, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, a module in the Veeam Availability Suite™, is a seamless way to manage offsite backups.

Running on a secure, compliant cloud infrastructure, Ensure VC2 addresses the key obstacles for many insurance agencies evaluating the cloud.

Cloud repositories are completely isolated from one another, and backups can be encrypted at the source — before data leaves the network and without increasing bandwidth consumption.

Ensure VC2 Advantages

  • Reduce the capital cost of backup equipment and the resources required for onsite, manual backup
  • Meet compliance and security mandates for insurance agencies
  • Augment business continuity – backups can be restored in the cloud and run as cloud servers
  • Experience the 100% continuity and protection of a fully redundant system – without the expense

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    See how affordable it is to have secure local and offsite backup!

Why Choose Ensure VC2 

mPoweredIT Fire RingSecure and Compliant

• Hosted on a secure, compliant, Cisco Powered cloud infrastructure and built on enterprise-class hardware

• Highly available and redundant infrastructure; industry-leading SLAs

mPoweredIT Fire RingCost Efficient

• Diminish expense and complexity of obsolete tape backups or backup appliances

• Eliminate data center costs including space, power, network, equipment

mPoweredIT Fire RingEncrypted Transfers

• All backup traffic is securely transferred with end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption at source (during backup), in transit and at rest

• No negative impact on built-in compression, deduplication and WAN Acceleration

mPoweredIT Fire RingEnhanced Replications

• 50x faster replication and up to 20x reduction in bandwidth consumption with WAN Acceleration

• Replication from backup files without impacting your production environment

mPoweredIT Fire RingAutomation

• Fully automated backups according to the customers’ schedule

mPoweredIT Fire RingScalable

• Quickly and easily add resources as needed; expand capacity on the fly

mPoweredIT Fire RingFast Startup

• Rapid setup and provisioning for near-immediate startup

Want more options? See Ensure file-based backups or Ensure image-based backups. See all options.

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Ensure Your Insurance Agency’s Data Safety Before it’s Too Late!

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