The Importance of a Good Website for Your Business

Importance of a Good Website

Whether you sell your product or service online or not, a good web presence is no longer a nice to have, but an absolute necessity. Whether it’s a customer trying to find how to contact you, a prospective customer looking to scrutinize your offering, or a potential partnership opportunity exploring how you might work together, your website is where first impressions are made. Not only that, but if you don’t pop up in a quick Google search, you may as well not exist.

There is little value in investing labor and money in your promotional efforts, if your website is not well designed, tailored to your target audience, and populated with the right content. A poor website experience will not only restrict your chances of securing new business, but potentially harm the reputation you have worked so hard to build.

Your website should be a waving flag of your value proposition – how, why and where you help customers, placing value and benefits ahead of products and features. A compelling website can have a transformational impact to your public engagement.

Updating Your Website – Security

Even if you have a good website, it has to be maintained and updated. The number one reason for updating your website is security. If you don’t perform the regular updates, it can be an open door to cyber crime. Updates contain fixes of vulnerabilities in your themes and plug-ins. This cannot be left unchecked or your website will provide a poor user experience – running slowly or failing to show the viewer all the content & imagery they’re expecting. A slow website will also negatively affect your Google search rankings.

Choose a Secure Website Platform

Businesses should use a website framework that is secure. Using a platform that doesn’t have a strong development community behind it could cause your website to be hacked without you even knowing. This, in turn, will be the downfall of the website all together, or if the attack is particularly sophisticated, potentially an attack on your clients’ details when using the site.

Choose a Company That Understands Website Security

Be sure that the company that provides hosting and website development services for you, understand just how important it is to secure your website and entire presence online. It is easy to configure things just slightly wrong and inadvertently leave your website vulnerable, so involve a partner that knows what they are doing.

Content Updates

If you’ve heard the expression, “content is king” it’s because the search engines, Google especially, will rank you higher in search results if you have good, fresh content. A website that is built and forgotten is unlikely to appear in the first page of search results. Make it part of your business marketing plan to keep your site updated. That can be as simple as adding new products, new employees, update photos, write a regular blog, etc. The quality of the content will impact the amount traffic you get.

Useful Content Drives Brand Trust

Your content shouldn’t be a self-proclamation of what you do and how amazing you are, but instead it should project your ability to effectively communicate not only the benefits of your products and services to your target market, but also how you are going to solve the challenges they are facing that led them to visit your site in the first place. This should be combined with a combination of educational and knowledgeable content to will help to build trust in your brand.

Get a Web Partner

There are many businesses that will build a quick website for you. But a website should be a considered a living breathing thing, something that needs care and updates. mPowered IT has extensive experience in website design and management, and will act as your partner to plan, design and build to meet your objectives. And, we can maintain and update your site regularly. We will help you whether you are starting from scratch, rebuilding, optimizing, or just updating your site. We customize our services to meet your needs and budget. Our team of experts and let us guide you through our methods of design, implementation, and management of your website.