What is a Network Security Assessment/Penetration Test?

penetration test, often referred to as pen testing, is an evaluation of your organization’s network security. It identifies security weaknesses that expose your business to malicious attacks.

Unlike a traditional vulnerability assessment that only identifies security vulnerabilities within the tested environment, a penetration test usually takes it a step further by demonstrating potential impact. This gives you a better idea of the severity of the any vulnerabilities we find.

With a penetration test, you’ll know:

  • Security vulnerabilities present within the environment
  • Incident response procedures, including monitoring and alerting Potential impact of a security breach 
  • Effectiveness of implemented technical and compensating controls

We are passionate about keeping SMBs safe from cybercriminals. It’s our job to stay ahead of them and anticipate their next move. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who cares about your business test it’s “hackability” rather than find out from a real hacker?

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