What To Do If Your Business Is Hacked

The IT technology we use everyday to make our work easier also makes it easier for criminals to access our data. The more technology advances, the smarter hackers become, with many tools and techniques at their disposal to break into your company’s system.

If you detect a cyber attack on your systems, you must react promptly. The longer the attacker is inside your system, the more damage they can cause to your company. To retaliate against a cyberattack quickly, here are five things you should do when your business is hacked.

5 steps to take when your business is hacked

1.       Take your systems offline

The last thing you ever want to do is shut down your entire system, but this is a risk you’ll need to take. If you keep your systems running when a hacker has access to it, you will be risking even greater damage. Taking down your systems immediately will buy you time to analyze the attack and determine the right course of action. If you don’t know how to do a complete shutdown, make an emergency call to your IT service provider.

2.       Identify and isolate the affected device(s)

Hackers target a particular device that can serve as the gateway into your system. So your next priority is to find the device(s) that has been affected and isolate it from the rest of your system. Doing so will cut off the attacker’s access to the rest of your system. Get your IT team on board and have them examine all computers, servers, and devices to identify the source of the hack.

3.       Check the system logs

An effective way to detect cyber attacks is by checking the system logs. If there has been any suspicious activity, or if an outsider has accessed the system, it would be recorded in the logs. Your IT team should analyze the logs thoroughly to check for anything out of the ordinary, such as access from an unauthorized user or device. Of course, there are ways for attackers to enter your system without leaving any trace in the logs. But there is always a possibility that you might get some useful info about the attack just by going through your system logs.

4.       Be open to the public, clients, and customers about the attack

You may feel that if you go public about being hacked, it will ruin your business reputation. But if you try to hide the incident, the consequences will worsen. Stepping up and letting your clients and customers know about it shows that you care about them and the security of their data. After all, if your clients are connected to your systems, they might be at risk too. Being open about the attack is the best course of action.

5.       Enlist the help of third-party cybersecurity agencies

Even if your business has an in-house IT team, sometimes the nature of the attack can be so advanced that they can’t handle it on their own. At times like these, it’s best to get help from third-party IT security company. A professional IT security team can provide excellent cyber security assessment incident response plans. They can quickly detect attacks and put measures in place to protect your business. And that’s not all, an IT security company can run vulnerability tests to prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.

mPoweredIT – Ensuring You are Cyber Secure

The best defense against a hack is to have the latest security measures in place before the attack, and security professionals monitoring your system 24/7 watching for suspicious activity. mPowered IT is your go-to proactive partner in keeping IT systems secure and defended. We never leave things to chance or wait for a problem to arise – predicting and preparing for the threats of tomorrow will help ensure your valuable data is protected and your business continuity maintained. Contact us today at 678-389-6200 and see how we can help you.