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One thing I’ve noticed as an IT professional  – and occasionally as a patient – is that no matter how brilliant doctors are with medicine and medical technology, their practices usually struggle to stay up to date with computer and network technology. It also almost goes without saying that medical practices are nearly 100% focused on patient care, scheduling, and insurance, leaving little energy to devote to HIPAA compliance. But even an innocent oversight of a detail of HIPAA compliance can be costly, in terms of fines and loss of reputation.

What medical practices really need is a way to put HIPAA compliance on rails – so it’s simple to understand and easy to handle. We’re now offering an easy-to-use software solution, Embrace Compliance Guard. It will help you with risk assessment, train your staff, verify your compliance status, produce the reports you need, and a whole lot more. It also provides Compliancy Coaches for live human help when you need it.

This software is the solution I’ve been wanting to provide to my medical clients for a long time, and now it’s available. mPowered IT, as a provider to medical clients, has been trained on this system, and we have ensured that we are HIPAA compliant too. We can provide Embrace Compliance Guard on its own or as an addition to our Managed IT Support Services for medical practices.

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